Facet Grey Cushion

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Bring that sofa to life!  Add this double-sided cushion with facet design - it will catch your eye everytime.  Made in SA.   

600mm x 200mm x 600mm

Care & Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of this piece, avoid excessive sunlight, dampness and hot or cold conditions. Our sofas are generally made with loose covers for easy cleaning. For best results, dry cleaning only as it reduces the chance of shrinkage. We also advise no spot cleaning. Avoid excessive sunlight as this will lead to the colour fading. The cushion inners are made up of three separate layers. The top and bottom layers contain down and the core is made from a foam mix for extra stability. To maintain the original softness and resiliency of the cushions, hand fluff and reverse cushions regularly. Vacuum to remove surface dirt.

We have a number of Care & Maintenance products and services available for your furniture, please enquire with one of our stores for more details.

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SKU: CCOV30105 Scatter Cushions